Here's how we'll do it

with words. lots and lots of words.


    Getting press to write about about your game requires the right words to say, and the right people to say them to. With a decade of games journalism behind me, I know exactly how to pitch to the press -- and who to pitch to.


    Need help finding the right title that will click with an audience? Wondering what price to set your game at? Not sure if it's even any good? From mock reviews to detailed advice, my years of experience are at your disposal.


    As a games journalist, I've dabbled in just about every genre and platform imaginable. I'm available for freelance opportunities, as well as projects ranging from App Store descriptions to in-game dialogue and storytelling. Try me!

Why me?

10 years. That's how long I've been on the recieving end of PR in the video games industry. I've written on the subject of getting coverage; I've attended conferences with the sole purpose of communicating this knowledge to the widest range of game developers I could find. I know what works and I know what doesn't. In my role as a game critic and industry analyst, I've played thousands of games through the critical eye of a professional. I can tell you if your game is ready for market, and if it is, I can help tell the rest of the world it's worth playing.

A lifelong passion for writing (about games)

What I'm writing, right now.
Coming soon!
(it's a secret to everyone)

Happy Customers

...are coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy this nonsense:

I'm ready to tell the world about your game. Are you?